It is difficult to quote a set price for an instrument as some require more work than others. 

However for a standard service - which means dismantling, cleaning, oiling and adjustment of keys - my starting prices are:-

Flute -             £130.00

Clarinet -       £140.00

Alto Sax -       £150.00

Tenor Sax -   £160.00

Baritone Sax - £185.00

To repad -

Flute -                  £150.00

Clarinet -    from £160.00

Alto Sax -     from £280.00

Tenor Sax - from £300.00

Baritone Sax - from £320.00

Because I work from home I can often turn a job around in a couple of days or even in a few hours in an emergency.  I usually have instruments which can be borrowed if needed whilst your instrument is being repaired.


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